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It was late in the afternoon when Captain Daniel A. Hitzelberger, commanding officer of Company G, 2d Battalion, Ninth Marine Regiment, signaled the 1st Platoon to move out. “We came down the steep slopes from Landing Zone Dallas,” he recalled, “to cross the river between it and the lower slopes of...
Sixty feet, 6 inches from the mound to home plate. Not that far, but not that close. A pitch can be perfectly thrown for the first 60 feet, then, well, that’s why baseball is magic. Robert A. “Bob” Grim wore Yankee pinstripes and had to believe in magic. He found it hard to believe that he was even...
Sometimes the best way to learn something is to get your hands dirty. That’s the motivation behind the Marine Corps Association & Foundation’s Commanders’ Forum Program for Marines. Its unique design helps Marines prepare for their missions in a way that’s hands-on, both during outdoor...

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August 3


Eagle, Globe, and Anchor

1944 - PFC Frank P. Witek earned the Medal of Honor for standing to fire a full magazine from his automatic at point-blank range into a depression housing Japanese troops allowing a greater part of his platoon to take cover after a surprise attack at the Battle of Finegayen.
- Eight VMF-214 Corsairs led by squadron executive officer, Major Robert P. Keller, catapulted from the deck of the USS Sicily to launch the first blow of the Korean War for the Marine Corps.
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